Baltimore and DC Named Top Metro Regions for Cyber Jobs

By Amanda Winters, Department of Business and Economic Development

Maryland and Washington D.C. lead the nation in cybersecurity jobs, according to a new report from Digital Journal.

Of all U.S. Metropolitan regions, D.C. and Baltimore were listed in the top three for cybersecurity job postings from October through December 2011.  Washington D.C. carried the top spot with 2,100 job listings out of a possible 6,400.  Wanted Analytics reports that Baltimore continues to succeed in increasing their cyber workforce year-over-year.  Huntsville, Alabama respectively took the third place position.

Almost two months into 2012, demand is still growing strong for cybersecurity workers, with salaries increasing.  Local colleges are just a few examples of businesses scouting out IT experts, and looking to keep Maryland on top of the cyber career map.   Loyola, Notre Dame, and Stevenson are each looking to add new workers to their computing staff.

To learn more about recent job listings, visit the CyberMaryland website.

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